Easter Holiday Art / Craft

Easter Holiday Art / Craft

Family art and crafft workshops

Easy art made at Siop Soar, using household materials: Some prints made using only acrylic paint, paper, cereal boxes, sponge rollers, scissors and pens. 
A great idea for special gifts or cards.

Am ddim / Free

27/03/24 + 03/04/24 10am - 12pm + 1pm - 3pm

All events.

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01685 722176 | swyddfasoar@merthyrtudful.org

Theatr Soar, Canolfan Soar, Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tudful, CF47 8UB

Lisbeth McLean, Prif Swyddog, lis@merthyrtudful.org
Eleri Walters, Swyddog Datblygu, eleri@merthyrtudful.cymru